Green Spot Irish Whiskey 750mL

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Green Spot Irish Whiskey 750mL

Green Spot is a non age statement Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey, and is comprised of Pot Still whiskeys aged between 7 and 10 years. The whiskey has matured in a combination of new bourbon and refill bourbon casks, as well as sherry casks.

Only small quantities of Green Spot are bottles each year.


In 1805, William Mitchell purchased no.10 Grafton Street and set up a bakery and confectionary business.

In 1887, Robert Mitchell, a gentleman of not inconsiderable business acumen, expanded the business into whiskey bonding, moving shortly thereafter to new premises around the corner to No.21 Kildare Street. The family first commenced retailing the venerable Green Spot whiskey in 1933 at which time one could purchase "John Jameson & Son 10 Year Old Green Seal @ 180/-per dozen"