DeLeon 'Diamante' Tequila 750mL

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DeLeon 'Diamante' Tequila 750mL

Deleon 'Diamante' Tequila has a grassy aroma of fresh agave, with hints of nutmeg, smoke and chrysanthemum. On the palate, it's brasher but still designed for sipping. A bigger, bolder flavor profile emphasizes agave, white pepper, red bell pepper, quince and a clean menthol finish. The Platinum has a bigger, bolder flavor profile ideal for Margaritas, Palomas and Mexican Mules (tequila and ginger beer). The tequila will stand up well to cocktails, but is certainly plenty drinkable on its own for shots or sipping over ice!

Encased in thick glass and a 1lb. sterling silver topper, let's just say the only thing sexier than this bottle is the tequila inside. 'Oh, Yeah.'