Tequila 88 Anejo 750mL

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Tequila 88 Anejo 750mL

88 Tequila Anejo is the success of patience, dedication, and willingness of a twenty-four month rested tequila in oak barrels. It delivers the best experience through its amber crystal color with copper flashes alongside a powerful sweet aroma of the cooked agave in perfect balance with wood, butter, pecan, and vanilla. A tequila that has a delectable silky and round flavor that is true ecstasy to the senses. Aroma: Delectable Wood Blends, Pecans & Almonds, Vanilla Palate: Agave, Vanilla, Sweet Fruits, Pecans & Almonds, Arousing Flavor.

Delicious tequila drinks recipes come from this smooth tequila - a wonderful cocktail that tastes like French Toast!


  • 2 oz 88 Anejo
  • Orange Slice
  • Sugar
  • Cinnamon


Pour 88 Anejo into glass. Add Cinnamon. Cut a round orange slice and cover with sugar & Cinnamon mix, add to glass and enjoy.