Smooth Ambler Contradiction 750mL

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Smooth Ambler Contradiction 750mL

Nose: Amazing wood spices, mild astringency w hints of sweeter undertones. Some burned sugar and fresh vanilla bean give this bourbon this taste like none other.

Taste: Wonderful cinnamon wood spice give way to young wheat that comes out with some baked apple, vanilla custard. 

Finish: An excellent medium finish. Tingle on the roof of the mouth and down the throat with some lingering heat. Nice but knocked down by the younger juice.

Conclusion: Smooth Ambler Contradiction Bourbon has an aroma of orchard fruits, maraschino cherries and mint, which leads to a robust palate filled with toffee, caramel, burnt sugar and nutmeg. The exquisite finish is marked by hints of sweet grass, buttered rye bread and mild spice.

The whiskey earned a Gold Medal at Whiskey Magazine's 2016 World Whiskies Awards.