Brugal 1888 Rum 750mL

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Brugal 1888 Rum 750mL

Brugal 1888 Rum is double-distilled and double-aged (first in American oak barrels followed by Spanish sherry casks), this rum projects a light sweetness and isn't overbearingly smoky or spicy. The aging process brings out the rum's full flavor without overly complicating the taste, making it an excellent sipping rum.

The Brugal 1888 was a clear with a dark amber to brown color with reddish highlights (clearly showing the influence of the wood on the rum). On the nose, Brugal 1888 Rum had a complex aroma that was influenced by the woods and there were notes of dried fruit (apricot, raisins, figs), chocolate, vanilla, caramel, almonds and a toasted note. On the palate, the rum had a smooth, viscous quality with notes of dried fruit (apricot, raisins, figs), vanilla, caramel and toasted almonds. The influence of the sherry was more pronounced in the mouth than on the nose.