Appleton Special Rum 750mL

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Appleton Special Rum 750mL

Appleton Special Rum is a light brown rum distilled from fermented molasses, and is aged in used Jack Daniels Whisky barrels. This aged rum is fairly young yet mixes well with fruit juice and other mixers. Bottled at 43% alcohol by volume.

Estate-distilled at Appleton Estate. It is a blend of full-flavored traditional pot still rums and lighter character modern column still rums. These rums are aged separately in oak barrels and afterwards hand-blended to produce a fine, medium-bodied golden rum. This rum has a fuller nose and taste than Puerto Rican gold rum which is made only from column stills, however Appleton Special Jamaica Rum is mild and smooth; it won't overpower cola or your favorite mixer and it is incomparable in coladas.