Dictador Solera System 12 Year Rum 750mL

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Dictador Solera System 12 Year Rum 750mL

Dictador 12 Year Old Columbian Rum is distilled from light molasses and matured for twelve years in the solera system, allowing it to develop a rich, complex flavor profile. A bold nose of butterscotch, caramel and roasted coffee leads to a round, complex palate offering notes of cocoa, toffee, espresso bean and oak. Hints of candied fruit appear on the long, subtly sweet finish.

In 1751 Severo Arango y Ferro arrived in Cartagena de Indias to oversee commerce between the American Spanish colonies and Spain. His strength and power earned him the nickname "Dictador" and under his leadership, the city became the most important port for the Spanish Armada. Dictador was partial to the wide variety of Caribbean rums which were traded through the port and over time became a noted trader and producer of exotic, high quality rums. In 1913, almost one hundred eighty years after Dictador arrived in Cartagena de Indias, one of his descendents established Destileria Colombiana. Today, the distillery honors their legacy with their line of Dictador Rum - a combination of high quality aged rum, innovative European design, and state of the art Japanese bottles.