Deadhead 6 Year Old Rum 750mL

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Deadhead 6 Year Old Rum 750mL

Deadhead 6 Year Old Rum is most recognizable as the aged rum in the shrunken head bottle: a striking presentation that is meant to represent the "tsantsa," the trophy retained by a victorious warrior over his opponent.It is an ode to apaeanto the South American Jivaro who are "the only tribe that remains unconquered by the Spanish Empire."

Deadhead 6 Year Old Rum is an aged variety coming from Vera Cruz, Mexico sourced at an undisclosed location. The distillate base is said to be both pressed sugar cane juice (in the French rhum agricole tradition, which usually means to us an earthy, vegetative quality), and molasses (a more typical rum base marked with a deep sweetness). It is aged for 6 years in European Oak prior to bottling. There is a final resting period in a combination of whiskey, and various wine casks for additional flavors.