Santa Teresa Anejo Gran Reserva 750mL

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Santa Teresa Anejo Gran Reserva 750mL

Founded in 1796 by the Count of Tovar, Hacienda Santa Teresa has been one of Venezuela's leading rum producers for over 200 years. Ron Anejo is blended from premium rums that have been aged in oak casks between 2 and 5 years, resulting in a smooth, balanced spirit with rich, fruit-forward notes of citrus, coconut and banana.

Brown rum distilled from fermented molasses. Blend of aged rums up to five years. Often overshadowed by Santa Teresa's flagship 1796, Gran Reserva is a great mixing rum that can be enjoyed on the rocks as well. This blend of rums aged up to five years in used American bourbon and whisky barrels, is one of the classic Caribbean rums that should be on every bar. Often overlooked by bartenders due to the plastic pourer that is required in many countries to ensure that the bottle is not refilled with a lesser product, the closure is being replaced which will make this rum much more accessible to consumers and the trade.

Santa Teresa Anejo Gran Reserva has an aroma of caramelized fruit sugars and dark fruit that is consistent with the initial taste. The body is characterized by cinnamon and nutmeg spices followed by the underlying smoky oak finish.