Rabarbaro Zucca 750mL

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Rabarbaro Zucca

Carlo Zucca founded Rabarbaro Zucca in 1919. The birth of Rabarbaro Zucca started from Carlo Zucca's hometown of Milan as a homemade spirit, and has become the signature liquor of the city’s distinguished society. It is made from an infusion of Rhubarb Rootstocks and a secret selection of rare herbs, Rabarbaro captures an appealingly delicate flavour. Zucca is made using the root of the true Chinese Rhubarb, which grows only in the mountainous regions of Kansu province. Zucca Rabarbaro is a wonderful Italian amaro that is a mixtrure of rhubard, cardamom seed, herbs & spices, and zests.  


Alcoholic content


Distinct hints of rhubarb and fine Chinese herbs

Pleasantly bitter, balanced, lingering, long on the palate


Try this neat, or in a mixture of cocktails --> see them here.