NUDA Extra Añejo 750mL

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NUDA Extra Añejo 750mL

NUDA Extra Añejo Represents an exquisite finesse and elegance with its mastery crafted process and triple distillation. Denoting intense flavors and aromas slowly dragged from previously used French Oak barrels while being aged for 42 months.

Tasting Notes:

  • Intense color with copper flashes.
  • NUDA Tequila is triple distilled for a more refined aroma, intense flavors and smoother bouquet.
  • With 42 months of maturity in French Oak barrels, the coloration and organoleptic profile of NUDA Tequila Extra Añejo becomes more complex, dragging aromas, color and flavors such as intense dark chocolate. soft flavors of vanilla, almonds and chestnuts, characteristics of previously used barrels.