Alipus Mezcal Joven - San Andres 750mL

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Alipus Mezcal Joven - San Andres 750mL
Alipus Mezcal Joven - San Andres: Fermented in cypress vats & distilled by Don Valente Angel from Agave Espad??n grown at about 5000 feet on thin calciferous-soiled low hills and terraces. Complex, rich, intensely floral. Alipus Mezcal offerings are 100% Agave produced in remote pueblos in Oaxaca's noted Mezcal region, via craft production from artisanal family distilleries. Agaves are wood-roasted in palenques (conical below-ground ovens), with juice extraction by slow stone-milling (tahona). Fermentation takes place with native yeasts in open wooden vats, and is completed by double-distillation in small wood-fired copper pot stills.