Lot No. 40 Canadian Whisky 750mL

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Lot No. 40 Canadian Whisky 750mL

In response to the rise in demand for premium rye whiskey, Pernod-Ricard re-introduced Lot No. 40 Canadian Whisky back into the market. This whiskey is 90% rye and 10% malted rye. Lot No. 40 is produced at Hiram Walker distillery, and ages for 7-8 years!

Our friends at Whiskey Wash gave a great review of the product:

Tasting Notes:
Appearance: Bright new copper penny with long, faint legs.

Nose: Lot No. 40 offers clear notes of rye from start to finish, beginning with fruity plum and menthol followed by cinnamon, clove, and a hint of smoky black cardamom. There is a touch of dill mingling with a slight prickle of alcohol heat, which marries nicely with the heavy rye aromas.

Palate: A wonderful, rich mouth feel with a full, spicy character. An initial light brown sugar sweetness transitions to a dry mid-palate full of rye bread, black pepper, brine, and a mouthwatering sourness, like a deli pickle. The finish is amazingly long and savory with the numbing quality of cloves and capsaicin on top of toasted oak, rye grain, and dusty cinnamon.

Conclusion: Lot No. 40 Canadian Whisky is herbal, fruity, and spicy notes of the grain all at once. Lot No. 40 combines a rich, full flavor with a very soft mouth feel and understated alcohol, making it approachable yet satisfying. Hopefully Canadian producers, inspired by the success of whiskies like WhistlePig, Masterson’s, and Lot No. 40, will start to dig into their stocks and save more treasures like these from the bland blends of the past.