Alexander Aqva Di Vita Grappa Moscato 750mL

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Alexander Aqva Di Vita Grappa Muscato

Grappa is uniquely Italian drink and this 'Grappa di Moscato' is one of the flagships of the Alexander range. It is the result of a delicate distillation in steam stills, followed by an ageing period of a few months in stainless steel barrels. It is characterized by the incomparable fresh fruit and golden apple aroma anticipating a soft, round and harmonious impact on the palate.

Most commonly sipped as a digestif after meals, Grappa is also great in cocktails and long drinks. It is also traditionally used in espresso coffee to make a 'caffè corretto' - an espresso coffee with a few drops of grappa. In the Veneto and Friuli regions of Italy the locals will use it to dilute the last drops of coffee remaining on the bottom of the cup. This is called 'resentin' which roughly translates as 'little rinser' which is exactly what it is. If you want to try one, take an espresso with a little sugar, drink it down, then pour a few drops (or more if you are cheating) of grappa into the cup, swirl it around to rinse out the last of the coffee, and swallow. Cin cin!