Del Maguey Single Village® Chichicapa 750mL

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Del Maguey Single Village® Chichicapa 750mL

Del Maguey Single Village® Chichicapa is a special cask finish aged 2,184 hrs. to 9,504 hours. There were only 1,110 bottles made.

From the distiller, "Del Maguey brings you a collection of Single Village® Mezcal made in the lush, remote mountains, plains and valleys of Oaxaca (wa-haka), Mexico. Each mezcal is named for the village where it is made. Chichicapa has a medium nose and a complex taste with lots of citrus and a long, smooth finish with overtones of mint. The pueblo elevation is 5052 ft. (1540 meters) in a broad valley with a desert and tropical micro-climate."

Del Maguey mezcals are twice distilled and unblended from 100% mature agave Espadin and are produced the original, 400-year-old hand-crafted way. Production is limited to exclusive quantities per year to preserve quality. There are no chemicals, colorings or additives ever used in any Del Maguey, Single Village® Mezcal.

Production Notes
Village: San Balthazar Chichicapa
Palenquero: Faustino Garcia Vasquez, Maximino Garcia Chávez
State: Oaxaca
Region: Valles Centrales
Maguey: Espadin
Agave Species: A. angustifolia haw
Age of Maguey: 7-8 years
Elevation: 1540 meters (5052 feet)
Roast Duration: 4-5 days
Type of Wood: Sabino, Encino, Ocote, Eucalyptus, Huamuchil
Milling: Molino, Horse
Size of Tinas: 1700 L
Fermentation Duration: 6-8 days
Water Source: Well
Still Type: Copper
Still Size: 350 L
ABV of Mezcal: 46%