Remy Martin Centaure 700 m.L.

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Remy Martin Centaure 700 m.L.

The icon of the House of Remy Martin, the centaur, is the perfect balance of man and nature. So too are our timeless blends, and the balance of nature and human artistry that it takes to create them.

This iconic emblem of the House of Remy Martin was chosen in 1870 by Paul Emile Remy Martin and serves as an ambassador for the distinctive character of the brand. It embodies the values of a house built on courage, energy, generosity and audacity. With its feet on the ground as it aims for the stars, the centaur symbolizes our continual quest for excellence.

To drink Remy Martin is to share in these qualities. Wherever you go today, the centaur is the signature of French luxury and perfection"?a testament to the very passion poured into every bottle.