La Fée Absinthe Blanche 750mL

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La Fée Absinthe Blanche 750mL

This Blanche/La Bleue absinthe is clear before dilution, displaying aromas of earthy, herbal wormwood and fresh anise. It louches consistently to a milky white, reflecting the dominant colour of its surroundings, such as a blue sky. After dilution (3-4 parts iced water to one part absinthe) a soft fennel aroma precedes a palate of anise, light citrus and floral character with a clean, off-dry and persistent finish.

Nose: fine, subtle. The first fragrances that spring to mind are star anise and green mint. Develops into fresh notes of liquorice and absinthe. Particularly aromatic and balanced, notes of fennel appear. Once water is added, it offers a glimpse of fresh fruit

Palate: mellow, smooth. Its powerful and honest character is very appealing. Warm spices (cinnamon, cumin and star anise) and aromatic plants (bay leaf and infused mint) are closely linked to notes of eucalyptus and grated ginger. Absinthe leaves literally spill

Overall: long, tender. Medicinal (cough sweets), it reveals more spices (nutmeg and saffron). Ethereal, it diffuses an exquisite perfume of orange blossom. Earthy, it develops into gentian root and ginseng. Therapeutic, it offers cordial notes of juniper berries.

Bottle Size: 750mL