Insolente Tequila 4x 100mL

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Insolente Tequila 4x 100mL

Insolente Tequila 4x 100ml bottles. Insolente Tequila is smooth and sweet yet it has that strength and character of a bold tequila. Wonderful aromas!

Tequila Insolente solves with all the character, aplomb, the frankness of putting to your delight, a striking and imposing Tequila in its aroma, in its flavors that palate a richness of notes without equal, that in each of its classes invite you to discover permanently the exquisite taste of the Blue Agave.

This set contains four 100ml bottles of:

  • 1 Plata
  • 1 Reposado
  • 1 Anejo
  • 1 Extra Anejo