G'Vine Nouaison Small Batch Gin 750mL

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G'Vine Nouaison Small Batch Gin 750mL

Nouaison means “setting”, the beautiful metamorphosis stage from aromatic flower to luscious berry. Capturing the poised energy of the grape’s evolution.

Complex, intense and spicy, G’Vine Nouaison is for gin connoisseurs an original and elegant alternative to traditional dry gin. With its bold 43.9% ABV and rich mouth feel, it’s the definitive base for countless classic cocktails, such as the Negroni, as well as providing inspiration for new creations.

The G’vine distillery has redefined Gin. Instead of using a grain spirit, like most Gin distillers, they use a grape sprit, infused with the rare vine flower’s berry, which blossoms only for a few days in the summery days of June. The delicate grape berries are immediately hand-picked and macerated in the neutral grape spirit over a period of several days to obtain the best floral essence. The infusion is then distilled in a small Florentine pot still. This Gin is produced in the region of Cognac, where they certainly know their grapes.   

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 43.9%