Firestone 2021 XXV Anniversary Ale Barrel Aged Blend 12 FL OZ

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Firestone 2021 XXV Anniversary Ale Barrel Aged Blend 12oz

Introducing “25”—the milestone release from our storied Anniversary Ale program, marking the 25th year since Firestone Walker’s founding in 1996. This is a tour de force blend of five barrel-aged beers, created with the help of local winemakers to produce a masterwork of flavor and complexity. The result is a showstopper that rises to the occasion of our 25th anniversary.

Every late summer, right before the wine harvest gets rolling, we invite our local winemaker friends to the brewery to help blend our annual Anniversary Ale. Winemakers are practicing experts in the art of blending, and we realized early on that they could provide invaluable input for creating a seamless beer out of numerous barrel-aged component ales. The winemakers come for both the challenge and the camaraderie. They split up into small teams and create their own preferred blends from the provided components. Each of the resulting trials is then blind tasted by the entire group, and votes are cast for the winning blend. The victorious team walks away with bragging rights—and with a set of coveted cardboard crowns.

The beer pours dark and rich with a creamy tan foam and after a few swirls the beer blossoms with beautiful spirts barrel aromas of toasty Bourbon soaked coconut and brandy filled chocolates.  There is a touch of roasted pecans peeking out as well as some tequila barrel spice.  Tasting the beer reveals more dark chocolate and black cherry with a light touch of grape derived acidity and fruit.  The beer is smooth with vanilla and caramel notes throughout.   A blend of rich stout and refined barley wines, this is an absolutely beautiful beer for a wonderful milestone.

Bottle Size: 12oz

ABV: 11.5%