Fernet Francisco Manzanilla 750mL

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Fernet Francisco Manzanilla 750mL

Only the second domestically produced Fernet available, SF's local Fernet producer has knocked it out of the park. It's got everything you love about the Branca and nothing you don't!

Gone is the hard-edged menthol flavor, replaced by cinnamon and subtle bitter roots ALL sourced locally.

The smell is at the heart of chamomile tea and spearmint. Its vivid herbaceous notes mix well with citrus components and make a good bitter finish with gentle undertones of anise.

The ingredients list is made of almost exclusively native plants with the exception of a couple of classics which are nonetheless grown in California. Medium bodied with a good deep spicy nose. The palate forgives, but does not forget! Lots of complex and familiar aromas of Amaro - with the bitterness straightening the whole thing out in the back. A truly stupendous local tipple which should have all the mustachioed hipsters doing cartwheels, but open enough for even the most modest lover of bitter things to enjoy. 

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 40%