Emodka Emoji Vodka 12 x 50.ML Bottles

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Emodka Emoji Vodka 12 x 5cl Bottles

Get the party started here! Emodka Emoji Vodka

The familiar bright yellow faces that we know and love from social media are now coming to your home. Turn up with emoji vodka to transform any gathering into a party! Emodka is great fun for any kind of party. And with a range of expressions, there really is an emoji for everyone! The iconic smiley faces are printed onto a ball-shaped bottle, while you can get to the vodka through the bottle neck on the other side. Buy emoji vodka here and get the party started!

Party like they do in Paris
With a 100% wheat base, this zeitgeisty French vodka causes a stir with its powerful aroma. Emodka comes in 12 different designs and is filled with 5cl premium vodka – perfect for a generous shot or as a cocktail base.

Say it with emojis!

Fancy a light vodka cocktail? Why not serve it with the empty bottle – for extra fun!

Vodka julep
5 cl vodka
2 cl sugar syrup
6-7 mint leaves
ice cubes
Crush the mint leaves, then add the vodka, sugar syrup and ice cubes. Stir together. Quick as a flash, it's ready to go!

  • FUN - This pack of 12 mini Emojis, each one filled with tantalising Emodka is a fun trendy gift, or drink for a party with friends
  • EMOJIS - The different Emojis include Lovestruck, Kiss, Cool, Crying and Crazy, enough variety to cover all emotions
  • PREMIUM - Premium Vodka made from French Wheat, the quality of the vodka itself is as good as the presentation
  • ICE COLD - Emodka is best sipped straight from the freezer, ice cold - Pour a glass, sit back and relax
  • MULTI-PACK - Emodka comes in 5cl bottles, as a 12 pack - Each one shows the perfect way to express how you feel