EFE Klasik Turkish Raki 750mL

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EFE Klasik Turkish Raki 750mL

Rich in Turkish history, Efe Klasik raki is an unsweetened aniseed based drink. This triple distilled raki is a great choice for a touch of Turkey.

A very pure triple-distilled raki made by distilling grape alcohol with aniseed. Efe Raki brought together the experts to produce the taste that defines Raki by an authentic recipe. Selected top-quality grapes and anis seeds of the Aegean coast gives Efe Raki its distinct taste and unmistakable aroma every time. Triple-distilled grape alcohol is redistilled in pot stills to offer the quality that is appreciated by even the most discriminating Raki drinkers.

Nose: Unmistakable aroma.

Palate: Smooth palate with anise seeds.

Finish: Spicy finish.

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 45%