Don Q Añejo Rum 750mL

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Don Q Añejo Rum 750mL

Aged in American white oak barrels from 3 to 10, añejo offers an intoxicating bouquet and mouthfeel.

Under the watch of sixth-generation Master Distiller Roberto Serralles, Don Q Añejo is distilled five times in a continuous still, then aged from three to ten years in used American white oak barrels. According to Don Q, up to 10% of the aged rum is lost to evaporation - the “Angel’s Share” - compared to an average of 2% in Scotland.

Nose: The nose offers vanilla, molasses, allspice and leather, with hints of straw, tobacco and oak.

Palate: On the sweet and dry palate there’s more vanilla and molasses, along with citrus, dried fruit and floral notes.

Finish: Medium finish is warm and spicy, with oak, tobacco and citrus peel.

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 40%