Dialectos Mezcal Ensemble Tobalá & Espadín 750mL

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Dialectos Mezcal Ensemble Tobalá & Espadín 750mL

Represented by a coyote alebrije howling to the moon, the wild and mysticism come together as in our ensemble. This mezcal is the mixture of the traditional espadin agave and the wild tobala agave together in the same mezcal. 

Sweet, delicate and caramel flavor with a perfect balance with smoky and herbal notes, this mezcal is perfect to drink it directly in the moonlight.


Maguey: Tobalá & Espadín

Agave: Angustifolia & Potatorum

Region: Oaxaca, Mezcal

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 40%