Cozumel Aged Spiced 750mL

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Cozumel Aged Spiced 750mL


A tribute to traditional Mayan cuisine. Remarkably aromatic. Subtle spiced bouquet, very harmonic. Full bodied, spicy note with a blend of chocolate and citrus stands out with a vanilla finish. Dry with delicious aftertaste. Along with the spicy note one can distinguish the maturity of the spirit. An intense finish that lingers nicely. Rated 95 by the Tasting Panel

 “In shiny metallic mosaic, the bottle is one of the most magnificent collector’s items we have seen. The 80-proof liquid is also outstanding, with scents of ginger and succulent spiced apricot; on the palate, it’s exceptionally balanced, with notes of clove, orange peel, and cinnamon. Banana, peach, and vanilla musk pick up the pace through the finish.”

—Meridith May, Publisher/Editorial Director of The Tasting Panel & The SOMM Journal

ALC VOL: 40% (80 proof)

REGION: Chiapas, Mexico

DISTILLATION: sugarcane juice (pot still)

molasses (single column still)

WATER SOURCE: natural spring, water treated to softened (demineralized)

INGREDIENTS: Blend of pot stilled white rested rum made from estate grown sugar cane and 3-year aged pot stilled rum, locally sourced chocolate, citrus, vanilla, cinnamon and allspice extracts for infusions

PROOFS: off-the-pot-still 130 proof

FILTRATION: charcoal before resting and maturation,

press filtered before bottling