Mocambo 10 Year Rum Flintlock Pistol 750mL

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Mocambo 10 Year Rum Flintlock Pistol 750mL

Avast ye landlubber! It's not actually an antique pirate pistol. It's abeautiful bottle of booze.

Inspired by piratical pistols from the 17th Century and filled with deliciousMocambo Dark Rum, theRum Buccaneer Pistolis the perfect present for a pirate party, or if you're up for a spot of swashbuckling.

Please Note:

  • Not an actual antique gun. Seriously, it's just a glass bottle. Filled with delicious rum.

Product Features:

  • 10 Year Old (Limited Edition) Dark Rum
  • Beautifully crafted "?buccaneer-style' glass bottle


  • Measures approximately 5cm(D) x 42cm(W) x 12cm(H)
  • Each bottle contains approximately 200ml
  • ABV 40%