Comandon Cognac XO Signature 700mL

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Comandon Cognac XO Signature 700mL

COMANDON Cognac XO Signature symbolizes our vision of what represents an outstanding young XO. Many customers mistakenly believe that XO cognacs should necessary be extremely old to be good when in fact it is well known by professionals and spirit fans that older spirits are not necessarily better.

XO Signature embodies the characteristics of 'youth' and 'freshness'. While one may recognized that it might not be the smoothest, sweetest and most lingering XO, s/he will eventually notice that in contrast it is very complexe and structured. Our XO Signature offers a variety of flavors sometimes fruity, sometimes spicy, and other times flowery depending on the individualized batches but it always exceeds other XO cognacs in its freshness and sharper flavors.

We deliberately look for harmonious younger XOs to craft small batch limited selections. This is not the norm and in fact it is quite going against the norm but we believe that the authenticity of our cognacs will eventually conquer the new exploratory customers who are searching for more unique experiences when enjoying the consumption of spirits.

Comandon XO Signature has won the prestigious World Best XO at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, which is the international leading rating authority and competition for spirits.

Bottle Size: 700mL

ABV: 40%