Casino Azul The Gold Ring Tequila Silver 1L

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Casino Azul The Gold Ring Tequila Silver 1L

Tequila Casino Azul Silver is 100% Blue Agave. This product is a very pleasant Tequila manufactured in the Artisanal tradition of the smaller tequila companies.

Casino Azul tequilas are said to be made by artisans from small tequila distilleries and placed in designer decanters. Casino Azul Blanco tequila is their un-aged white ("blanco") expression, meaning it is bottled without any aging and is generally considered to represent the purest flavors of the Blue Weber agave.

Nose: Crystal clear with abundant aromas of fresh agave and soft herbs.

Palate: Body is smooth with notes of citrus and spice.

Finish: Finishes with a long, elegant gently spicy fade.