Campeón Tequila Silver 750mL

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Campeón Tequila Silver 750mL

One of the best tequila brands on the market today, Campeon Tequila, literally translated as "Champion", is stylistically crafted to be extraordinarily soft and smooth, highlighting the exceptional quality of our East Highlands agave. 

Campeón uses only 100% Weber Blue Agave from the renowned East Highlands region of Mexico. Located 6,000 feet above sea level and composed of Volcanic soil, the agave from this region are extremely robust and develop exceptional flavor and sugar content, essential attributes in the production of the finest tequilas.

Campeon is made with ripe Agaves exclusively from the highlands of the state of Jalisco, Mexico; cooked in brick ovens and slowly distilled.

Elegantly floral, yet earthy on the nose, with a hint of fresh, open sea air. Light caramel undertones on the palate with a pure agave flavor clearly derived from a meticulous distillation process. Perfectly balanced, incredibly soft and lush. Pleasurable to drink either neat or served in your tequila drink.

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 40%