Calumet Farm 12 Year Old Single Rack Black Bourbon Whiskey 750mL

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Calumet Farm 12 Year Old Single Rack Black Bourbon Whiskey 750mL

Calumet 12 — the “Single Rack Black” Bourbon — delivers a truly superior flavor profile. Simply said, it strikes all the right Bourbon notes on the palate and is a delight to the eyes.

You are greeted at the nose with notes of old wood, vanilla, and baking spices. The classic flavors of toffee, toasted oak, apple, and spice have been described as “elaborate,” and we agree.

Named after a famous Kentucky farm known for producing eight Kentucky Derby winners — two of which that went on to with the Triple Crown — Western Spirit’s top-of-the-line spirit brand is Calumet Bourbon. All three of Calumet’s signature offerings are really superior products. Calumet 12 Bourbon is what they call “single rack black.” That means that each small batch release is comprised of hand-selected twelve-year-old casks from a single rack of barrels in the center of the storage rick-house known to have ideal temperature and humidity characteristics for aging Bourbon.

The traditional mash bill of corn, rye, and malted barley is aged in well-toasted casks — with a deep #4 char — accounting for the natural dark color and slight smokiness on the palate. It’s also bottled at a perfect 47% ABV to pack in the flavor. But whatever the secret is, this Bourbon is superior from its lovely bottle to the golden mahogany color to its spot-on flavor profile.

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Bottle Size: 750mL