Berta Bric Del Gaian Grappa 750mL

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Berta Bric Del Gaian Grappa 750mL

Berta 's Grappa di Moscato "Bric del Gaian" is an aromatic vintage grappa, aged for 8 years in cask. An intense and complex grappa with an amber color, exuberant aromas and a rich and enveloping taste, endowed with intense fruity sensations: the spirit of Moscato!

The Grappa di Moscato "Bric del Gaian" of the Piedmontese Berta Distillery is produced only with Moscato grape marc. It is a particularly soft, rich and aromatic grappa , which brings to the fore the best fruity characteristics of the Moscato grape. The long aging in wood gives the distillate greater complexity and harmony, with the development of particularly refined and elegant tertiary aromas, which embellish the characteristic notes of an aromatic, fragrant and persuasive grape such as Moscato.

Berta's Grappa di Moscato "Bric del Gaian" is one of the most famous and appreciated labels of the Piedmontese Distillery, which for centuries has been producing artisanal distillates of the highest quality, intended for an audience of enthusiasts and connoisseurs. The starting raw material is constituted by the marc of Moscato grapes, selected in the cellars of the typical production areas of this classic Piedmontese wine. At the end of the fermentation phase, the pomace is sent for distillation in copper steam boilers. Quality is always privileged throughout the process, abundantly discarding head and tail and keeping only the precious heart of the distillation. The grappa then matures for 8 years in wooden barrels of various essences, which are placed in underground deposits, in the best conditions of temperature and humidity.

Berta's Grappa di Moscato “Bric del Gaian” is perfect for those who love spirits with a soft and velvety character , aromatically rich and caressing, all characteristics that the Muscat grape transfers to this splendid grappa. In the glass it has a beautiful bright amber color. The olfactory profile seduces with the persuasive softness characteristic of Moscato, with aromas of citrus peel, grapefruit, peach, berries, vanilla, embellished with light vegetal and woody nuances. The sip is enveloping, broad and rich, with sweetness of fruit, which dissolves in a finish of great persistence.

Color: Intense amber

Scent: Sensations of sage and small berries, with a finish of grapefruit and vanilla

Taste: Rich, enveloping, with a beautiful persistence and complexity

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 43%