Agua del Sol Tobasiche Mezcal 750mL

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Agua del Sol Tobasiche Mezcal 750mL

The Agua Del Sol project arose from a meeting of master mezcal producers at the Mezcaleria Cuish. It was agreed that “now in Oaxacan restaurants, a pour of mezcal is more expensive than one of wine or whiskey.” Thus we enter a paradox: It is now more difficult for locals to consume their native spirits. These single-batches are intended to make heritage agave spirits accessible again to rural communities without the costly “mezcal” certification process. Established by the mezcal collaborative, CUISH Mezcales Orgánicos, Agua Del Sol collaborates with multiple producers beyond its original partners to include others from the Maestros del Mezcal organization.

Notes of copaland mesquite on the nose. Grand presence of earthy mineral notes on the pallet. Finishing with citrus peel and pine.

Bottle Size: 750mL