365 Pomegranate Semi-Sweet Wine 750mL

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365 Pomegranate Semi-Sweet Wine 750mL

Though pomegranate has been known to mankind for thousands of years, its use in winery is very selective. The world knows only several sorts of pomegranate with succulence and sweetness stuffiest enough for winery. These unique sorts include the Armenian pomegranate as well. 

The crystal-clear wine has transparent red and brown shades, a purple sparkle, a refreshing acidity, a gentle aroma, the flavor of pomegranate kernels, a pleasant acidity of the fruit skin and a long-lasting pomegranate aftertaste with pleasant and gentle tannins.

Gastronomic recommendationsThis wine is a perfect complement to all types of cheeses, smoked, roasted or stewed meats, pasta with meat gravy and piquant salads, hot chocolate with or without pastry cream dessert.

365 wines reveal their true essence in the words of the outstanding French chansonnier Charles Aznavour, “The exquisite Armenian wines contain everything that can be felt but never verbalized…”

Country: Armenia

Appellation: Meghri

Varietal: Fruit Wine

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 12%